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Whereis® maps are in most of the leading portable and built-in car navigation systems sold in Australia and New Zealand, including devices from TomTom and Uniden.

The Australian road network changes every year and Whereis® maps captures between 10,000 – 15,000kms of new roads with each map quarterly update.

As your GPS device is only as good as the map data it contains, it’s important to keep your maps up to date. Thankfully this is easy to do. If you already own a portable GPS device, update to the latest Whereis® maps. 

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An introduction to portable GPS devices

Portable GPS (global positioning system) satellite navigation devices are like having an expert navigator sitting beside you, giving you visual and spoken turn-by-turn directions all the way.  Most models are battery powered so can even be used when travelling by foot or public transport, and if needed can be charged by being plugged into your car cigarette lighter.

Portable Satellite Navigation can be known by a number of names, including  GPS, Handheld GPS, GPS Navigation, Nav or SatNav. Because they’re portable, they’re ideal if you want to use them in different vehicles. They can be purchased through major electrical retailers and specialist GPS stores.

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Portable GPS device buyers guide

When shopping for a portable GPS device, there are some important device and map features* to look for.

Click here for device features to consider.

Click here for map features to consider.

Read portable navigation device news and reviews


*Device features may vary depending brand and model of GPS unit.

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