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More and more brands are advertising on or around online and other digital maps. Not only does this advertising provide location relevance, these advertising campaigns are highly measurable and easy to evaluate.The standout benefit of advertising with Whereis® is that it offers potential customers geographically relevant search results – that is, users of our products can find businesses and events in locations they are planning to visit.

Advertising on the map

Point of Interest markers

These are markers that are placed on the map after a user conducts a search, or clicks an Ad Button along the bottom of the map. Some of the popular searches are for shopping centres, service stations, ATMs and fast food outlets. Your brand logo will be displayed in the right hand search results panel alongside the map. Each business can also choose to enhance the information offered in the pop-up tab linked to the marker with multiple images, videos and links to special offers.


Integrated Yellow Pages® business listings

Extra value for Yellow Pages® business listings


Users of and many Whereis®-powered navigational devices can now view Yellow Pages® business listings on a map. This means they can not only find a map or the best way to travel from A to B on, but they can choose to overlay comprehensive Yellow Pages® business listings to easily find a local business they need.Currently there are more than 600,000 business listings with map references available on


How does it work?


People looking for a specific type of business in a particular suburb can overlay the Whereis® map with relevant Yellow Pages® business listings in that area. For example, if they're looking for a florist in St. Kilda, all they need to do is get a map of the area, type 'florist' into the business search field and ‘St Kilda’ into the suburb field. Map-referenced florists within that area will be marked on the map. These markers are accompanied by full address and contact details, plus links to listings.


How much does it cost?


This is a complimentary service to all Yellow Pages® business listings with map references. 

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To ensure a business is listed in the top three search results (on a rotational basis) on a Yellow Pages® business advertiser can purchase a Priority Advertising Bundle (the package includes 1234&Call Connect as well as to help deliver genuine customers.  Call 13 23 78 to find out more.


Sensis Developer Centre

Connect with Australia’s trusted and reliable source of local business listings. The Sensis® Business Search API makes it easy for third party digital developers, entrepreneurs and publishers to enrich their user experience on their websites, mobile-sites and applications.

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