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Part of Sensis, Whereis Maps powers some of Australia’s most popular mapping and navigation products including the recently launched Whereis® iPhone App available on your mobile, online websites such as whereis.com, TomTom and Uniden as well as most of the navigation systems found in many of today’s new cars. In fact, the company has developed an entire range of digital mapping products that can be used across every medium including specialised products for business and Government.

With more than 18 years experience, Whereis® understands local conditions, making our mapping database one of the most comprehensive on offer.

How do we map Australia?

Australia is made up of more than 1,000,000kms of roads and highways with an ever increasing population, new roads, developments and suburbs popping up at a rapid rate.

Whereis® – Australia’s local mapping expert – is constantly driving through cities, regional centres and small towns to capture, interpret, cross-check and integrate turn by turn navigation data to enhance their navigation offering – this is a process that never stops.

Whereis® has a team of eight data-capture vehicles including three 4WDs that travel across Australia each year, mapping the country’s new road networks, key points of interest and updating current map data.

At the wheel of unique, diesel powered Nissan Patrols that can cope with unpaved roads and four wheel drive tracks, Whereis® dedicated road crews, made up of a driver and navigator, log more than 240,000 kilometres of mainland Australia each year.

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How long does this take?

Collecting data to produce map updates it's quite a detailed and unavoidably long process. Although we are constantly driving Australia’s roads updating our map data sometimes a map update may not be available in market for 12 - 18 months after the data was first collected.

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How do I update my maps?

The Australian road network changes significantly every year and it's important to update your maps regularly.

Online, portable and mobile applications are updated automatically when we release new map data every few weeks.

For those of us that have an in-built dashboard satellite navigation system in our vehicle, the maps do not automatically update themselves but thankfully it's easy to do.

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Map Accuracy2

Each year, our research team travels more than 320,00km of road, capturing additions and changes to the Australian road network, to maintain the accuracy of our database.

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